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Dual for life – initial and continuing vocational education and training belong together

The dual vocational training system is the German trade and industry sectors’ recipe for success. It combines the theoretical principles taught at vocational schools with practical experience gained at the workplace. The German dual system is also a model for other countries and has long been one of the country’s successful exports. One reason for this is that youth unemployment in Germany is relatively low compared to neighbouring European countries. The dual system offers young people many opportunities to make their career dreams come true because there are 330 recognised occupations to choose from.

Plenty of job offers and excellent promotion opportunities

Career education doesn’t end once a vocational education and training programme is completed. In fact, a dual vocational education and training qualification is an excellent basis for gaining further qualifications, specialisations and promotions through continuing vocational training.

Continuing vocational training can provide specific skill sets and competencies, or even a recognised qualification such as a master craftsman certificate or university entrance qualification. The advantages are obvious. The continuing vocational training qualifications don’t just help to secure a job, they are also the key to a higher income or a more senior position on the career ladder.

Investment in the future

Unfortunately, people know too little about the wide range of prospects and opportunities provided by the dual vocational training system and the continuing vocational training programmes in this country. Raising awareness for them is the objective of the joint information campaign entitled "Du + Deine Ausbildung = Praktisch unschlagbar!" (You + Your Vocational Training = Practically unbeatable!) which was initiated by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF). Ultimately, everyone profits from good training and regular participation in continuing vocational training measures – individuals, companies and society as a whole. Vocational training contributes to economic and social progress in Germany and provides a solid basis for the country’s future and prosperity.

Joint promotion of vocational training

Within the framework of the information campaign a German-wide "Du + Deine Ausbildung = Praktisch unschlagbar!" tour is taking place. Three individually designed infobuses are visiting schools, companies, trade fairs and public places. They are informing people on behalf of the two federal ministries about the diverse opportunities provided by the dual vocational training system and continuing vocational training programmes. Key components of the information tour are presentations at companies and parents' evenings, plus interactive lessons which are geared to school children who will be making their career choices in the near future. The information tour will be flanked by regional press and media relations activities.

The central information campaign website at www.praktisch-unschlagbar.de provides fast and direct access to the advantages of initial and continuing vocational education and training for young people, school children and their parents, employees, employers and anyone else who is interested. Website users will find the latest news, practical and useful tips on initial and continuing vocational education and training, grants and information about the tour.

Pamphlets and brochures containing precise information will be distributed directly to specific target groups, while advertisements and posters in public places will sensitise the general public to initial and continuing vocational education and training-related issues.